This feature is either when:

  • You are rotating an answer key from a few years ago 

  • You have different sections but want to have each section use the same answer key 

  • Create a new answer key using a spreadsheet, such as Excel or Google Sheets, instead of clicking the boxes in the answer key popup.

Here's how to get started with your answer key export.

Step 1: Log in to GradeHub

Step 2: Select the previous course or current course you want to export the answer key. Note: export will work for a new course too. The answer key CSV file will have column headers to create a new key.

Step 3: Select the specific exam and click Edit Answer Keys

Step 4: Import/Export Answer Key pop-up will appear. Select Export and the CSV file containing the answer key information will be saved automatically to your computer. 

Step 5: Once you have the CSV file saved, you can follow the steps for importing an answer key on your current course

Step 6: If this is for a new course, you will need to complete the information for your answer key. Below is the file format that is downloaded when you select Export. The first column is the question number (ITEM #), the second is the correct response (EXPECTED), and the third is the question type (TYPE). The default for question "type" is the "*," which indicates the "expected" values in the second column will be scored as correct. If a question requires more than one response to be correct (i.e., A&C), then use the "&." If all of the questions in the exam require one response only, the TYPE column is optional.