Getting started: start working in GradeHub for students

Instead of purchasing bubble sheets from the bookstore, you can conveniently print answer sheets from your GradeHub portal. Make sure you print your answer sheet correctly and that you bring it to your exam.

Your teacher will collect your completed answer sheet and test similar to the way you use scantrons.

GradeHub accurately scores your test, and reports for you and your teacher are available instantly; all accessible instantly via Web, iPhone, and Android.

You start GradeHub with a free 14-day trial, after that, you'll need to purchase an annual subscription to print answer sheets. Your subscription is good for any class that uses GradeHub and you can print an unlimited number of answer sheets.

Steps to use GradeHub

The process to use GradeHub is outlined below. For detailed information on each step, click on the link provided or review the Using GradeHub–Students section of the GradeHub Customer Support site.

  1. Log onto GradeHub
    1. If you received an email from your teacher, she has already added you to her class. Simply click the link in your email and set your password.
      1. If you've misplaced your email, go to the login page and select forgot password link.
      2. Use the email address that you use with your school's learning management system (e.g., Canvas or Blackboard)
      3. Click on the class in your portal and select join.
    2. If your teacher provides you a GradeHub code, do the following
      1. Sign up for GradeHub
      2. Join a class under the class tab in GradeHub.
  2. Print your answer sheet before your test, and check to see if the black brackets are printed in each corner
  3. Bring your answer sheet to class
  4. Complete your answer sheet similar to the way you would use scantrons (see instructions
  5. View your grade report

Grades are ready after your teacher uploads answer sheet to GradeHub.