How to use GradeHub

Here is an overview of the different components of the GradeHub student portal. You can log in to the portal here


The home button allows you to see all the notifications for you on GradeHub by notification date.


Select the classes icon to view all your classes and to join classes.

Tests and print answer sheets

Select the test icon to view upcoming tests and to print answer sheets.


You can view your grades by selecting the grade icon.

Grade screen

Test grade details

Your grade details include your grade and the corresponding percentage, the class average, and the highest and lowest score of the test. You can download these results in a PDF format by clicking the Print icon.

Purchase subscription

You start GradeHub with a free 14-day trial, after that, you'll need to purchase an annual subscription to print answer sheets. Your subscription is good for any class that uses GradeHub and you can print an unlimited number of answer sheets.

Follow the online instructions to checkout.