Method 1 - invite students

The first method to have students included in your GradeHub roster is to provide them a link to join GradeHub.

  1. Log in to GradeHub
  2. Select the class, the class line will be shaded green
  3. The roster will appear at the bottom of your GradeHub portal
  4. Select the +Roster icon

Provide GradeHub Course ID 

After you select +Roster, a popup will appear:
  1. Provide the GradeHub course ID through your LMS email or in your course syllabus
  2. Students will input the course ID in their GradeHub account to join the class

View students that joined

Once students join, you will need to accept them into your class and students will appear in your roster. To view your roster:

  1. Select the class line where you want to view the roster
  2. The roster will appear on the bottom of your portal