Step 3 - verify marks

GradeHub scores the answer sheets you’ve uploaded to the reader automatically. However, when students make corrections or fill multiple responses, GradeHub will occasionally flag the marks and ask you to verify the student’s intended response.

  1. Log in to GradeHub
  2. Select the class and test you want to process test scores for
  3. Select the Verify marks icon under tests

  4. How to verify marks:
    1. View image of student marks to the right, and select the radio button to the left that best reflects the student’s intended response.
    2. Select Next to verify and proceed to the next answer sheet
    3. Continue the verify marks step until you’ve corrected all questionable marks. You can view your progress in the right bottom corner (e.g., 1/5)

  5. Once you're done verifying marks, you can move onto grading - see Step 4 - grade for instructions