Step 2 - upload student tests

Once you’ve gathered your student’s answer sheet and scanned them, you can upload them to GradeHub for scoring.

  1. Scan answer sheets to a drive or your computer - see scanning answer sheets for instructions
  2. Log in to GradeHub
  3. Select the class and test you want to process answer sheets for
  4. Select the Read student tests icon

  5. To choose the answer sheets, you’ll need to either select and drag scanned answer sheets from your computer to the dashed box or select the choose files button and browse for the answer sheets you want to process
  6. Once the answer sheets are selected, GradeHub will indicate the number of files that were selected
    1. Compare the number of files chosen to the number of answer sheets you anticipated to grade
  7. Choose the Upload button to have the answer sheets submitted to GradeHub for image processing

  8. Once the upload is completed, verify marks - see Step 3 - verify marks for instructions