Scanning answer sheets

With GradeHub, answer sheets can be scanned with off-the-shelf scanners or multifunction printers.

Steps to scan your tests:

  1. Set up a folder to scan and save tests; for example, ECON_101_midterm
  2. Adjust your scanner settings:
    1. Select file type–PDF or TIF
    2. Save location–folder set up in 2.a. above (for example, Econ_101_final)
    3. Resolution–200 dpi
    4. Output type–Black & White
    5. Page size–8 ½ x 11 or US letter
  3. Place answer sheets in an automatic document feeder, if available, or place each test on scanner individually.
  4. Scan each answer sheet as a separate image (i.e., PDF or TIF file) to your desired location (for example, Econ_101_final)