Test day tips

Instructions on test day

  1. Remind student to read instructions on how to complete answer sheets properly
    1. Mark an X for correct answers
    2. Darken box thoroughly for corrections
    3. Have students use a black or blue pen or thin felt tip.
  2. Ask students if their answer sheets have a bracket in each corner
    1. If a student’s answer sheet is misprinted (i.e., without brackets), have them get a new answer sheet from you and discard the test answer sheet they printed without brackets.
    2. GradeHub answer sheet.png
    3. Students using extra answer sheets must also fill out their name and student ID

Handout test and collect answer sheets

  1. Provide students test and have them mark responses to questions on the answer sheets similar to the way testing is done with scantrons.
    1. Unlike scantrons, an X represent correct answers and darkened boxes are for corrections.
  2. Collect answer sheets for scanning.