Download and print extra answer sheets

Download and print extra answer sheets from GradeHub just in case students forget to bring theirs on test day.

  1. Log in to GradeHub
  2. Select the “ExamPDF” icon to download the extra answer sheets for printing.
  3. The file will include enough extra tests for all students registered for the class in GradeHub. Print as many sheets that you feel is adequate. Note:
    1. Each answer sheet in the ExamPDF file has a unique barcode and serial number (see pointer for serial number location)
    2. A given answer sheet may only be given to 1 student.
      1. Don’t photocopy an answer sheet for distribution
      2. Don’t give an answer sheet with the same serial number to more than one student
  4. For GradeHub to score each answer sheet, ensure that each printed answer sheet has the black bracket (see red arrow on top of answer sheet)